Chakras Spa Specials & Discounts

Cranberry Fig Body Treatment $100.00
Our decadent Cranberry Fig body treatment indulges your senses and softens
your skin in the most delicious way.  Your service begins with a warm
aromatherapy steam treatment in our crystal shower, followed by an
ultra-hydrating scalp and face massage. The cranberry fig body scrub full
body exfoliation uses all natural ingredients to remove tired, dead skin
cells and refresh the skin. Cranberry provides antioxidants to detoxify
the skin during the harsh cold extreme temperatures of Winter, when your
skin is exposed to cold, wind, and drying indoor heat.  The sweetness of
the fig provides a soothing balm to seal the skin in softness. The service
concludes with a trip to our Crystal rain shower and a rich cranberry fig
full body moisturizing application.  Trust us, you will feel refreshed and
renewed and your skin will thank you for the rest of the Winter months.
This is truly a seasonal treat that you definitely want to try!

Cranberry Fig Pedicure $100
Now that the holiday’s have passed, treat your feet to some much needed
restoration and hydration with our luxurious Cranberry Fig pedicure. We
begin by indulging your feet in a soothing Cranberry Fig moisturizing soak
that relieves foot and leg tension, followed by an all-natural Cranberry
Fig sugar scrub. Renew and refresh the skin with a hydrating Cranberry Fig
masque followed by a relaxing massage of the lower legs and feet with an
ultra hydrating Cranberry Fig moisturizer. Finish your perfectly pedicured
toes with a color that sparks your fancy from OPI, RGB, or our Smith &
Cult collection.

Rescue Me Facial $125*
Detox, invigorate, and brighten your skin after the busy holiday season.
AHA’s, activated charcoal and enzymes refine pores, address signs of
aging, and calm the evidence of holiday overindulgence. You will leave
with your softest, smoothest skin ever!

*Rescue me includes at home advice to continue the benefits of your
facial, including discount coupons for retail purchases.

Gloss Treatment $10
A Gloss Treatment will provide your lovely locks with intense
conditioning, reduced frizz, and amazing shine.


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