• Specials for this month

    Fruit Enzyme Pedicure $45
    Uses fruit acids to gently exfoliate and renew dead skin cells on he legs and fee. A mask is then applied to the feet and removed with warm towels, followed by a leg and foot massage that is both relaxing and hydrating.

    Epicurean Enzyme Facial $115
    A patented facial rejuvenation treatment that penetrates deep into your skin to lift, energize and replenish, an ultra-effective exfoliation will smooth skin, soften wrinkles all while deep cleansing your pores. You will leave with a beautifully toned skin and a radiant glow.

    30 min custom therapy $35
    Interested in trying something a little different? Try our relaxing sole comfort, clear conscience, 30 min rossiter, or body exfoliation with the added benefit of massage. Add a thirty minute custom therapy massage to ANY of our signature treatments.

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